Thursday, October 13, 2011

another task

Today, officially I received the offer letter regarding my application to further my study. The class for PQE - Logistics under CILT will be commence by this November 12 for the duration of about two years. There will be 13 modules to be completed within the prescribed time. And also the fees to be paid. Definitely the fees itself make me think twice, sometimes more than that. I need to spend 18k for the total fees including the examination fees. 

By allowing myself to accept and joining this program, I'm afraid I have to hung my backpack or luggage from any kind of travelling. Even I already have few plans starting by this December until next September and some of it already confirm with air tickets. My tabung ayam almost finish and I may have to cancel few upcoming trips which makes me feel bad. But to reject an offer, I don't think its a good idea. 

So, by next month I will have another role and responsibility. I have to control my monthly spending in order to filling up my tabung ayam and proceed with my plan. However, everything might change. Wishing myself a very good luck for the best!         

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