Tuesday, September 13, 2011

craving for something sweet

Since last week I'm craving for something sweet and juicy. And finally tonight am fulfilling my craved. It always happens when my PMS is happening to past due and I craved like crazy. Every time I need something different and too bad because I will keep looking for it even my PMS over. The best thing is to cook by myself since sometimes when I bought from the outside the taste turn down and my craving doesn't stop at all.

Last few days I keep arguing with myself what to have and what can hold till the next craves. Rarely happen my PMS went very well and I didn't wish anything to eat. Luckily at this moment I only craves for something to eat, not asking to go somewhere for a break. A lucky me! If not I am surely in big trouble, thinking how to get funding for those craziness.

While coming back from my hometown for Eid previously, I did bring sweet potatoes from home and tonight I make pengat. Unfortunately, its sooooo sweet and I have to add some water onto while having it. Funny me! This kind of situation always happen to me and it's not a strange since I'm not a good cook at all. And my craved gone for now.

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