Friday, April 8, 2011

am happy

Am so happy today. To be exact, it was yesterday since the time now is past 12 midnight. Nothing much actually. A simple thing itself could lead me to a big smile for the rest of the day.

It's confirmed now I still can sit for BCAR Section L instead of Part 66. Previously, the DCA of Malaysia had a new amendment regarding the transition of examination from BCAR Section L to Part 66 starting by this July. (Can I use the word transition here?)

This is giving me a huge responsibility and I should re-start as early as I could. This time will be tougher than before. And as for it, I am eyeing to go somewhere for an attachment. Most probably I will be choosing to go to the Southern instead of other part of country. If DCA could accept a non-Malaysia registration aircraft, I will offer myself to land in Perth with no doubt!

footnote: couple of days ago, someone asked about my status on behalf of somebody. As people can see, I'm always alone especially while driving (if not how could he mention about my car plate?). For those who keep asking me or wondering about the same matter, here is my answer. Yes, I am single but not available at this moment!

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  1. wah...
    'single but not available' tu yang mahal tu...



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