Sunday, March 27, 2011

a blooming sunday

Today I woke up late again after went to bed around 3.00 am in the morning after watched late movie, The Saint. And I missed a call from Brisbane, I even didn't heard the phone rang! What a really deep sleep thou.

After Zohor, we are heading to the Mines. I am looking for a small backpack to be use during my travel. I went to my must visit shop while looking for bag, but no one look good into my eyes today and after that I'm driving back to Alamanda Putrajaya.

Bought tickets for Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son showing time 5.30 pm. In the mean time we went to Noodle Station to fill our stomach need. My first time to Noodle Station at Alamanda and second after Shah Alam, long time ago.

I ate this, Spicy Trio Springy Noodle and it taste good for my taste buds.

And the drink, I Miss you Lemonade.

I'm full now! Almost finishing everything in the bowl.

Just before move out. My stomach is really full at this point.

We still get some time before our movie start and decided to do fast shopping at Carrefour. Unfortunately, there is no available trolleys! And I've never been experienced this before. As we don't have much time left, we just grab some important stuff as we able to carry by hand. We heading to cinema after keep our stuff in car boot.

Bought drink and popcorn just before enter the cinema. Just imagine, we just finished with our late lunch about an hour before and now looking for some snack. Seems like I really have kind of perut stokin. Can put so many food into stomach.

After the movie done, I still got time to buy this pashmina before heading home. It looks nice with the color and soft enough to my skin. Definitely will joining me to GC!

footnote: looking forward for another shopping time next weekend. My wallet will be going thinner without even penny then.

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  1. oh sedihnye...
    ade missed called pulak.. tak pe lah... bukan rezeki hari tu kot.. hehehe



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