Friday, March 11, 2011

balik kampung?!

I will be driving back to hometown tomorrow morning after my last visit was during Chinese New Year last month. It was really hard for me to make decision this time. Half of myself urged me to go home, and another half were not. So, I'm still in dilemma.

Until now, I still didn't pack anything even an undies. It shows how bad my mood to go home right now. No matter how, I still have to as what my sis said.

I might shorten my holiday due to the hot air balloon 2011 at Putrajaya from 17th March to 20th March 2011. As for sure, I don't want to miss the once a year event as its only four days event. I should go and capture more pictures and blog here.

footnote: today, an 8.9 magnitude quake hit Japan and now hitting Hawaii but with the lower magnitude. I hope and pray to Allah that everything will be okay soon and nothing bad happen afterwards.


  1. balik lah...
    pastu boleh story kat sini...

  2. salam,
    hi safely..
    thanks for info psl Hot Air Ballon ni..i tak penah lagi pegi, tak penah berpeluang sbb tak tau bila event ni..and thanks to u sbb inform here :D

  3. teringin nk tengok hot air balloon tewww.. uhuhu

  4. the hasyims: hehe.. xde apa yg menarik utk story kat sini, opss...
    fatt: thanks very much. hrp2 this time u dpt pegi lah, seronok sgt. the best time early morning and evening
    en_me: welcome to my blog.. boleh je pegi hot air balloon tu..



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