Friday, March 25, 2011

bagi apa erk?

My trip to Gold Coast is about a month to go. After done with accommodation, now I'm working with the 'to do' list. At least even not all in the list can be completed, half of it should be good for a not so called single traveller.

And guess what? I got an offer from someone to spend a day with him and willingly to drive me to Mt Tamborine! In the other word, he will be my host for a day. I am really excited for that and cannot wait to walk by their rainforest's skywalk and cannot wait for that day itself!

Now I am wondering, what should I give him as a gift for being my host. Something that ke-Malaysia-an and he can use it as well. My dearest friend did suggest me to give him necktie or shirt with batik print, or else sarong. But as for me, sarong that sells here mostly made in Indonesia. Do you guys have any ideas out there? Please throw it here, in the comment box. Hence, I have a month to do a shopping. I really appreciates for every single comment given (macamlah blog aku ni ada pembaca setia, perasan yang amat.. hehehe...).

Counting the stars in the sky from my bed, also counting the days to land safely in Gold Coast. Pray to Allah, everything will be safe and sound.

footnote: bengang betul aku dengan ISP ni. Ada ke patut aku dah terminate berbulan dah, but the bill is keep coming. Memang menguji kesabaran betullah.



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